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Xisto Silva

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In oxford, England there is a house with twelve paintings hanging on the walls. Each one is a work of incredible originality, skill and imagination. From the cold of English winters, the paintings burn with the warmth of Timor. This collection has been seen only by few, by the residents and their friends. From 2011 until 2013 in Oxford, England, the artist Xisto Silva created a phenomenal set of works while working the grill at Nando’s. Born and bred in Kintal Boot, Dili, Xisto Silva began his rise to magnificence in 2003 with Arte Moris. Since then, Xisto has created some of the most spectacular works to have come out of Timor, displaying a beautiful range of visions and visages. His use of light and shade is seemingly effortless, created with such precise observance of his subjects that each can have an hypnotic effect on it’s audience.  His works have been exhibited and sold internationally, in both private and public collections.

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