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Uluk to’o Agora (From Then to Now)

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A contemporary rendering of animist ikons.
The combination of the pre-colonial sculpture alongside contemporary construction techniques creates an allegorical picture in which the traditional and the modern are mutually dependant.

This work is a reflection on the current condition faced by Timorese culture, in which the traditional and local is forever weighed beside the modern and international. Here we see the traditional pre-colonial animist practice stretching from time immemorial into the now.

Uluk to’o agora ita nia beiala sempre adora fatuk lulik tamba fatuk mak hanesan esprito ida ba sira nia fiar. no ita nia beiala sira sedauk hatene konaba religiao.

Ne’e mak ita nia beiala sira nia fiar liu ba fatuk lulik no ai-lulik no to’o agora sei iha nafatin adora fatuk lulik no ai-lulik.

Artist: Akay Amaral
Materials: Metal. Stone.
Dates: 29-31 August
Location: Largo de Lecidere

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