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“Cetak Saring Attack”  Cetak Saring Attack, a collaborative screen printing exhibition, celebrates the four year anniversary of Yogyakarta artist-run space Survive Garage.


16 artists from art communities, Survive Garage, Taring Padi, Tangan Reget and Minority Art Group developed individual screen prints based on the theme of the environment.

Art work was developed after discussions on the theme and the decision that this would not just be an exhibition of art work but would be a broader environmental campaign.

Work was printed on recycled paper and at the exhibition’s first opening at Survive Garage in 2014, a number of other activities were held to promote environmental awareness and change.


Survive Garage is excited to be bringing this exhibition to Timor-Leste for the Arte Publiku Festival.

Taring Padi “Membongkar Tirani” (Taring Padi Smashing Tyranny).

The internationally renowned art activist collective, Taring Padi from Yogyakarta Indonesia is excited to hold a exhibition in Timor-Leste for the first time.


Taring Padi has had a long collaboration with Timor-Leste activists and artists from support of the independence movement in Indonesia pre-Independence to collaborations with Timorese activists and artists in Timor-Leste post Independence.


This exhibition is a mix of retrospective and new Taring Padi work.

Wood cut print posters and wood cut and painted banners will be exhibited that date back to Taring Padi’s formation in 1998.

Work has also been specifically made in response to this exhibition by Taring Padi members. The work explores art as a tool for social change and action.

Date/Time: Exhibition Opening Monday 25th August 6pm Location: Timor Aid Building in Bidau
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