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Silvano Rodrigues

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Ever since I was in elementary school it was my dream to be a theater actor. I started when I was in my teens with frequent performances and activities for example connected with the church in our community.

When Timor gained independence I wanted to continue learning about theater. I did autodidactic and in 2004 I joined with Bibi Bulak in Dili. This was when my passion to work in the theater world grew stronger and stronger.

From 2004 to 2008 I studied acting with Bibi Bulak, but I wanted more and looked for ways of gaining different experiences in theater. That’s why I decided to study in Yogyakarta for three years. During my studies I joined a community theater group, where I learned about Teku and found new methods of theater. I was also able to study pantomime in the Indonesian Art Institute (ISI) in Padang Panjang and am very proud to bring Pantomime to Timor, because it is my great passion and talent. Now that I am back in Timor I want to introduce lots of people to Pantomime and contribute to the development of Theater in Timor-Leste. That’s why together with some colleagues I founded TERTIL (Theater of Timor Leste) almost two years ago. Today I am the director of TERTIL, where we teach acting and create performances by ourselves and sometimes with other organizations.

I want to show the world what i love – theater.

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