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The boats have been made from hundreds of disused aqua bottles, an item often found through out the gutters and streets of Dili. Plastic bottles are among the most common forms of trash daily witnessed, for drinking water is something one can only purchase, and is required by all. The symbol of hope, of change and possibility born by the aqua bottle boats built by these four young artists bare a message of possibility. Here that which is undesired becomes that which supports. That which is thrown aside becomes that which provides. Encouragement is made to the audience through this work, in the hope that they might find new ways to view that which currently is unwanted. The invitation of Ro’o is one of innovation, for it invites the audience to draw inspiration from their imaginations and make an active effort to reshape the world around them. Here the audience is encouraged to seek new uses for refuse, to make life – not landfill.

Artists: Ajuvi, Arui, Toto, Mariano
Materials: Steel, recycled plastic
Location: Largo de Lecidere

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