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Ricardo Gritto

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Ricardo Gritto’s work as an interdisciplinary artist, has been developing in a very large scale of techniques and supports. Ranging from Paintings in large format to Art Installations where the space of the exhibition is turned into a personal cartography constructed with a strategic and subjective appropriation of the space by mixing up objet trouvé, painting, photography, video, etc.

“Ciburgo project and teory ” is a body of work that consists of a series that may be approached separately but consecutively.

On one hand, there is a series of large format paintings (G) where the artist approaches the relation between muscles, vitality, organicity and ethics, searching for the essence of the constituting forms as shown on muscles as well as on plants, or more importantly looking for the shapes of the essential dynamic of tensions and conjunctions that may be found in every kind of fabric.

On the other hand, it includes a series of pieces  made on ink and newspaper. By using old newspaper sheets, he adds one more layer of significance that points out to the construction of the social fabric; to the structure of meaning reflecting the construction of language and information of a culture based on fear, and therefore, subtly targeting the dynamics of power and its organic development.

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