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Peter Gentur

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Peter Gentur is a self-taught artist from Jakarta and currently based in Yogyakarta (Indonesia).
He works in oil, pen and pencil portraiture to make unique human-focused works of social commentary.
His work captures the life and essence of people, their movement, emotion and history; amidst their social, political and socioeconomic context.
Using both his realism techniques and unique pen line work, his portraiture comments on Indonesian society and socioeconomic disparities, environmental and political issues. His technique covers oil painting on canvas and board, watercolour on paper, pencil and pen on paper, acrylic on canvas, and acrylic on wall (street art).
He collaborates widely using art as a medium in social and environmental collectives and movements in Indonesia.
His work has been exhibited in Jakarta and Yogyakarta (Indonesia) since 2006, as well as in London (UK), Bangkok (Thailand), and in Queensland and New South Wales (Australia).

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