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Mireia Clemente

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Mireia is 32 years old, she was born in Barcelona and she belongs to the cast of the Classic National Theatre Company in Madrid (Spain). She has a Master’s Degree in Dramatic Art and studied with one of the most renowned theatre directors in Spain, Ángel Gutiérrez, with whom she has worked with in several plays and national tours. She has also worked with other international directors such as Antonio Díaz-Florian (L’Epeé de Bois Theatre, París) and studied “Commedia dell’Arte” in Reggio Emilia, Italia.

At present Mireia lives in Dili, where she has been an International Consultant in Performing Arts at UNTL (Universidad Nacional Timor Lorosae) and she is also Theatre Instructor in Upstairs Studio. She has also trained the Timorese theatre group Arte Moris when they were invited to perform in the Festival Internacional de Teatro de paises de Língua Portuguesa in Sao Paulo, Brasil. Mireia has worked in “Feto Fantastiku” TV series, a project of Pixelasia Productions, Ba Futuru and GIZ and she has developed Theatre for Development projects (including Theatre of the Oppressed) with the Theatre Group of UNTL, which she has created, as Borboleta Project for CNDC and UNICEF. Currently, Mireia is implementing a Theatre for Social Change for Promotion of Gender Equality for the international NGO Paz y Desarrollo, developing a participatory theatre project within the Handwashing Campaign for the Ministry of Health, and developing movie scripts within the HIV prevention program for FTH, among others.

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