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Liam Barton

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Liam Barton is a musician and painter from Melbourne. Since 1999 Liam has been recording music under the name Leagues, releasing 17 Albums. In 2011 Liam began The Bank Recording Studio, recording local and international bands, running an artist studio space and curating events. In 2003 Liam began working with the Black Lung Theatre and Whaling Firm and subsequently became the resident sound designer/musical director contributing soundtracks and live scores to award winning productions Doku Rai, I Feel Awful, Avast 2- The Welshman Cometh, Glassoon, Rubeville and Avast. From 2006 till 2010 Liam curated exhibitions and organised gigs for Gallery/Studio space Cat Food Press. Liam is currently Collaborating with Arte Moris Free Art School in Dili East Timor with the Animatism Project as well as the building of a new recording studio at the school. Liam is also a painter and has held exhibitions at Tinning St Gallery, House of Bricks, Nice Cat, Disco Beans and Catfood Press. Liam is currently playing music with Lalić, Go Away, Animatism Project and Doku Rai Band.

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