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Lena Caminha

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Maria Madalena “Lena” Caminha

Since 2005 Lena worked in collaboration with Bibi Bulak, Timor’s premier theatre company. Beginning as a performer, Lena went on to also become involved in other aspects of theater, such as directing and producing. Today she is one of the key figures and founders of TERTIL (Theatre of Timor Leste), where she does not only perform, but also teaches acting. Furthermore, Lena is also a talented poet, which she frequently includes into her acting and performances.

Lena’s work with both Bibi Bulak and Tertil has been broad in scope, ranging from radio drama to circus, from fire dancing to film and television. She has toured Timor-Leste extensively, presenting numerous works and performing before crowds of all ages. She has worked on the production of both feature films developed in Timor-Leste, Balibo and Guerra de Beatriz.

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