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Izu – Diorezio Rodrigues Pereira

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As a youth in Taibese, Izu sang every day. In 1998 he learned to play, and simultaneously to teach, guitar while working as a volunteer for Foundasaun Communicasaun Juventude. By the mid noughties, Izu had obtained a degree in Maritime sciences and had joined the Gembel Art Collective performing and organising concerts in the Jardim Borgia, Farol. In 2007 Izu became the central coordinator of Gembel. In 2012 Izu flew to Australia for a three month English course. During this time he found himself performing with the Millennium Choir. Due to his overt talent for music, Izu soon found himself performing and touring with renowned artists Ego Lemos, Mystic Trio and Geoffrey Gurrumul Yunupingu. Currently Izu divides his time between building his home on his family land in Taibese and performing in concerts across Dili.

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