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Horacio Balthazar De A da C.C

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Among his earliest memories of painting, H.Balthazar remembers being fascinated by landscape painting. This was certainly a rare sight to have seen during Indonesian occupation, and one that hypnotised the young H. Balthazar better than television. From then on he took to illustration, tracing and copying whatever picture he could. While still in senior high school, H. Balthazar developed a studio alongside fellow artist Mariano, a studio from which they ran a graffic design and printing business, creating shirts and promotional material out in the shopping strip of Colmera. In 2006, during the crisis, the renowned Indonesian art Collective, Taring Padi ran a woodcut workshop alongside Gembel in Colmera. One of the artists invited H. Balthazar to participate. Since then he has juggled his life as a freelance entrepreneur with teaching and working with Gembel. His work has been displayed on walls and in exhibitions through out Timor and internationally

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