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Fitri Setyaningsih

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Like many of her peers, Fitri graduated from one of the Indonesian national arts academies ( then called  STSI, now known as the Surakarata Institute of the Arts).

She originally trained in Javanese traditional dance, but later developed a body of eclectic work that critically questions the body in contemporary dance. She now moves seamlessly between dance and visual and performance arts, and is bold in stating that “dance is not only an event of movement, but dance moves towards becoming a medial event with the body remaining at its central axis”.

With this idea in mind, Fitri integrates daily life movement and objects into her work. Fitri has been creating work since the year 2000. Indonesia weekly news magazine, TEMPO awarded Fitri as one of the Influential Artists in in 2011. She was also the recipient of the Empowering Women Artists Commission from the Kelola foundation, which has enabled her to create work over two consecutive years. Her latest work, Bintang Hening (A Tranquil Star) will be touring Europe in Fall 2014 and hopefully worldwide in 2015.  

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