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Djuwadi grew up in Blora, Central Java, Indonesia.

Interested in art since he was a young boy, he learned woodcarving when he was a teenager. Never having attended higher education Djuwadi had many types of jobs; builder, carpenter, vegetable seller, illegal parking, building maintenance and professional woodcarver.

In 1999 he saw art activist collective Taring Padi’s artwork for the first time and was inspired. He became interested in using art as a tool for political activism and social change. Since then Djuwadi’s art has included woodcarvings, wood-cut printing, drawing, sculpture, performance art and community cultural development.

He has practiced art, run workshops and been involved in festivals, social activist campaigns and collaborations internationally including Gang Festival (Sydney Australia 2008), Under After and In-between (Thailand 2010) Arte Moris and Gembel (Timor-Leste 2008-ongoing), the Crocodile Festival (Papua New Guinea 2011), Kulon Progo anti -iron mining and Padi anti-cement factor campaigns (Indonesia 2006-ongoing) and Festival Mata Air (Indonesia 2006-2010). Djuwadi is also an active member of Taring Padi.

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