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Cesario Agusto Soares Lourdes

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Born in Iliomar, at the age of six Ceasario’s family moved to Kintal boot in the city of Dili. There he shot marbles alongside some of the soon to be a new nations fellow future fine artists. Ceasario first learned to paint helping his uncle create portraits for the church. Together they made badges for the Falintil, badges which were smuggled into the jungle to be worn on bandanas and jackets. They painted them with toothpicks, for they had no brushes. Ceasario’s uncle would crush the toothpicks between his teeth to split them.

The idea of painting as art was introduced to Ceasario when the fledgling Arte Moris sprang up in Kintal Boot in 2003. Since then he has trained in the fine arts, with his work touring internationally. In 2007 he arrived in Zurich, Switzerland and found the cold so overwhelming that he could not feel his ears.

His work is held in collections in Woolongong University and by private international collectors. Cesario is regarded as one of the finest artists currently working in Timor-Leste today.

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