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Popular Consultation Anniversary – Aniversariu ba konsultasaun popular nian

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Selebrasaun ba aniversariu ba konsultasaun popular: Konsertu no Filme

Loron Augusto 30 iha tinan 1999, Timor oan hetan opportunidade atu sei nasaun independente. Referendum ne’ebe UN ajuda – ka konsultasaun popular – majoria resin hili atu sei independente husi Indonesia. Maibe desisaun ida neé lori terus tan, tamba violensia no estraga malu iha Timor nia laran. Iha tempu durante neè infrastrutura barak sei aat.

Tinan 15 depois, Arte Publiku liga artista iha Timor nia laran ne’ebe ho tinan ki’ik no tinan bo’ot, ho artista ne’ebe husi Timor nia vizinhu. Iha kalan ida neè ita selebra espiritu kona ba liberdade, progresu no unidade iha konsertu ida mak sai hanesan realidade ida ba inklusaun, demokrasia no harii dame hamutuk. Iha tinan 15 nia laran Timor komesa atu hetan kura no progressu no mos arte sai lian ida mak hatoo Timor nia terus, nia luta no mos nia futuru ho naroman.

Depois ita bele haree apresentasaun husi grupu dansa tradisional hanaran LO’UD husi Lospalos no Timor Furak, San Antonio ho Millenium Tais – grupu mak agora hatudu Timor nia kultura ba mundu.

Kahur ida neé ho kollaborasaun musika ho artista international no beinaka espesial Klamar no ita hetan kalan kapa’as ida mak bele hatudu ita nia pazeru no ita nia future.

Data/Tempu: Sabadu, Augusto 30; komesa tuku 7 kalan
Fatin: Largo de Lecidere

Celebration of Popular Consultation Anniversary Concert and Film Screening

On the 30th August 1999, the people of Timor-Leste were given the opportunity for an independent future. In a UN sponsored Referendum, known in Timor as a Popular Consultation, an overwhelming majority of East Timorese voted for independence from Indonesia. What followed was another bitter struggle as violence and destruction gripped the country. The majority of the country’s infrastructure was destroyed during this punitive period.

15 years after this birth of a nation, Arte Publiku brings together an intergenerational mix of the best contemporary dance and theatre groups in the country to join musicians from Timor-Leste and it’s neighbors. Here we will celebrate the indomitable spirit of freedom, progress and unity in a concert that embodies the realities of inclusivity, democracy and peace building. As the country has healed and begun to flourish, the arts have helped to give voice to a country’s pain, it’s struggle, and it’s bright future.

Following are presentations from traditional dance company LO’UD from Lospalos and Timorese dance groups Timor Furak, San Antonio and Millenium Tais – groups that currently tour the world, exposing the culture of Timor to other lands.

Mix this with International music collaborations and special guests Klamar and you have one incredible night with an eye on the past and an ear to the future.


Date/Time: Saturday 30th August from 7pm
Location: Largo de Lecidere


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