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Bizkit – Andre Rego Dos Santos

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Along the edge of the river that runs through the eastside of Dili is a large mural depicting a Native American wearing a war bonnet. It is among the finest murals currently visible in Dili and is the work of the Gembel artist, Bizkit. One of the natural renaissance men in the booming art scene of Dili, Bizkit creates and has created work in nearly every known popular art form, particularly in the visual arts. Bizkit has lived in Bidau Lecidere all his life and continues to work here with Gembel arts collective.

As a child Bizkit taught himself to draw by slicking the illustrated covers of books with cooking oil to make the picture show through the back. From the back he traced the image, learning the way the lines ran. In junior high school Bizkit was entered into a competition depicting dreams of the future for youth. He ruined his artwork and, simultaneously, learned the nature of water colour. From then on, Bizkit became an avid painter. In 2008, at the age of twenty one, Bizkit was invited by Gembel’s current creative Director to participate in an international collaboration with the renowned Taring Padi Artist, Bayo Widodo. In 2009 Bizkit became a regular member of Gembel, touring across the district of Oecussi, training in art and painting walls. During this period Bizkit primarily worked creating and performing theatre. Within the year he was found himself obtaining illustration and painting commissions from the military and international NGOs. During his time with Gembel, Bizkit has trained as a fine artist, tattooist, theatre maker and sculpture. Since February this year when Gembel entered into a collaboration with the artist Yoan Cottet, Bizkit has found much of his work involving creating giant people and large masks.

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