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Arte Moris (Dili)

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Arte Moris is a not-for-profit Fine Art School, Cultural Centre and Art Community based in Dili, East Timor. Since 2003 Arte Moris has been using art as a building block in the psychological and social reconstruction of a country devastated by violence, with special emphasis on helping its young citizens. Arte Moris has helped students acquire self-esteem from their skills and become more involved in the world about them, bringing communities together. During the internal conflicts in the country in 2006, Arte Moris was a bastion of unity flouting the ethnic divisions rife at the time. They became an Internally Displaced People’s camp housing thousands of displaced people. Arte Moris have shown, in the face of huge adversity, that art and culture and its transmission makes immeasurable contributions towards nation building through its capacity to heal, through its ability to re-imagine history and through its gift of grace. Grown out of the school and its network is a flourishing community of multi-disciplined contemporary artists that nurture and support a new generation of East Timorese artists. This community has engaged communities and independent artists across the country, including members of STOMP, Gembel, Arte Makerek, Arte Ramelau, TERTIL and KLAN, to join them in making this festival a collaborative and inclusive event that cuts across all artforms. Participating Artists:

  • Etson Caminha
  • Tony Amaral
  • David Da Silva
  • Ajuvi Juvinal Antonio Gloria
  • Arui
  • Joao “Toto” Vitoriano Batista swaldo Gusmao
  • Agus
  • Akay Amaral
  • Gil Casimiro Valentim Periera
  • Alfeo Perreira
  • Abino
  • Johnny Campos
  • Cesario Agusto Soares Lourdes
  • Xisto Silva
  • Abe Jose Cancio Da Silva
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