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Art Takes The Streets Parade – Prosesaun arte iha Largo de Lecidere!

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Arte kaer Largo de Lecidere!

Installasaun, skulptura, arte visual, projesaun, teatru, dansa, arte performativu, pinta ho asaun, arte iha estrada nia laran, apresentasaun arte agora no workshops, banda, DJs, filme no barak liu atu transforma Dili nia jardin hanaran Largo de Lecidere iha area kreativ no jeitu lo’os akontese Augusto 29 to’o Augusto 31 iha tinan 2014.

Iha fatin ida neè ita hetan arte barak la halimar, nuneé ita la bele deskribi buat hotu iha Website ida neè. Diak liu: ita mai haree rasik deit!

Data/Tempu: Sesta, Augusto 29 to’o Domingu, Augusto 31. Loke tuku 10 iha dadeer to’o kalan bo’ot.

Fatin: Largo de Lecidere

Art takes the streets parade!

Artists from across the Festival unite to take their arts to the streets. Breakdancers, traditional dancers, puppeteers and performers are collaborating with visual artists to turn the discarded into the magnificent.

As a part of the Arte Publiku workshop series, renowned Art Collective Taring Padi are bringing their signature style of public art activism to Timor.

They will be working with more than 100 festival artists to turn recycled refuse and found objects from across Dili into outrageous costumes, political art banners and street-based performance props.

Weaving it’s way through the streets of Lecidere to engage and enliven the communities surrounding the main festival precinct, this art protest/procession will culminate in the opening of the major Arte Publiku collaborative exhibition Espresaun Livre at Gembel Art Collective.

Date/Time: 5pm Thursday 28th August
Location: Lecidere

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