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Apeu – Pedro Rebelo

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Pedro “Apeu” Rebelo is among the few Dili denizens who can comfortably claim to be indigenous to the city. Born and raised on his family’s land by the market in Bekora, Apeu is among the new generation of Dili artists turning heads. Apeu has been working as an artist since 2006 when, at the age of fourteen, he began training as in  the fine arts at Arte Moris. In the midst of the Crisis that shattered the city that year and those that followed, the teenage Apeu rode two microlets every day from the east of the city to the west and back again. From Bekora in the morning he traveled to train in illustration, painting and collage in Comoro, crossing through many areas of constant violent confrontation. At the end of each day he would collect the twenty centavos which would pay for his journey home and back again the next morning. When the crisis ended, Apeu joined the Bekora-based group Sangal Kultura, which ceased in the early teens of the 21st century. Since then, Apeu has been a fixture in Gembel, only one microlet away from his home in Bekora.

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