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Aje – Jose Maria De Andrade

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Born in Bekora into a family with ancestry ranging from Manufahi to Portugal and Same, Aje took to art at the age of seven. In 2002 Aje began following the newly formed Sangal Masin in the area of Audian, training in portraiture with the artist Toto. In his mid teens Aje began training as an artist full-time. During the crisis riddled years of 2006 to 2008, Aje lived as a resident artist in Arte Moris, training in the fine arts and sculpture. Continually seeking to balance his religious calling with his life as an artist, Aje attended the school of Don Bosco where he learned four languages and continued to work as an illustrator. Soon the founder of Sangal Masin called Aje to return to the arts, and from 2010 until the cessation of Sangal Masin in 2012, Aje served as a painter and teacher in the fine arts. In 2012, Aje endeavored to join the priesthood, however found himself training the next generation of young artists in Gembel and DESODIL. Currently Aje is a freelance artist participating with artists from different organisations through out Dili. Among his greatest pleasures is creating murals and artworks for the churches that speckle the landscape of Dili and it’s surrounds.

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