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Agustino “Agus” Lais Gomes

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Agus Lais Gomes was born into a family of artists. Though he has lived and created artworks in nine of Timor’s thirteen districts, he has spent most of his life living in Suai. Here he grew up with the tutelage of his uncles, many of whom had practiced painting and sculpture during Indonesian occupation, others still trained in Arte Moris after independence. In his early teens, Agus became involved with Suai’s primary arts collaborative, Arte Movila. Between the years 2004 to 2008 he trained in a series of collaborative workshops with Arte Moris artists in Suai. In 2010 Agus moved to the city with his aunt and began training in mechanics. Since then he has joined the arts collective Gembel and has since spent most days practicing as a painter and Teacher. Agus currently lives as a resident artist in Gembel’s Bidau Lecidere community.

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