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Abel De Jesus Soares

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Abel of Jesus first began training in the profession of Joseph, training as a carpenter under the guidance of a priest in the city of Baucau. His apprenticeship was cut short, however, when he contracted tuberculosis. When his health improved he moved to Dili, where he spent three years living in Arte Moris, training in the fine arts. In 2007 Abel departed arte and served as a construction worker, saving his wages for two years. In 2009 he flew to Surabaya and purchased canvas, brushes and paints. For the four years following he worked solo, developing a vast collection from which he does not wish to sell a single work. In 2013 Abel was invited to join the Gembel Arts Collective. He has been with them since. He believes one’s artworks to be a part of one’s soul, something with which one should never part. It is his intention that his grandchildren grow in a house where the walls are smothered in art.

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