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Abe Da Silva

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Abe Jose Cancio Da Silva first began painting in Kintal Kiik, beside the Santa Cruz cemetery in 2002 with the Indonesian artist Yayang. His first commissioned work was the restoration of graffiti in the former Indonesian prison. Alongside Tony Amaral, Abe worked for several months cleaning and detailing the slogans smeared, scratched and carved into the walls of the Belide prison. Within a year Abe had become one of the first students of Arte Moris Free art school.

During his long residence with Arte Moris, he trained in sculptural methods including ceramics and welding. In 2004 Abe took part in one of the first international visual arts exhibitions of independent Timor, traveling to Australia with Arte Moris’ first group show. Since then his work has been displayed across the world, blowing minds and inspiring copycats among his peers.


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